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Although no prior threading experience is required, a general ability to thread is highly recommended! All hired threaders go through one month of training period prior to officially working. If you already have threading experience then the training can be shorten as needed.


You must hold a cosmetology or esthetician's license in order to qualify. All waxers go through 2 weeks period of training prior to officially working.


Although this is not an official service we provide, we do have clients inquiring about good henna artists. If interested, please email us photos of your own tattoo designs. Bridal henna tattoos for wedding is in demand, hence, highly recommended.

Looking for a business opportunity / career change?

The beauty industry is a $75-billion-a-year industry that is growing at about 8% a year, on average. This is one of the most promising and profitable industry to be in -- especially for threading salons. The ancient Eastern hair removing technique is getting very popular in the US, but there are not enough good salons yet! It is even more popular in Bay Area because of its ethnic roots and environmental friendly nature.
M&M Thread Salon has been serving all over Bay Area for last 10 years, and we have worked hard to build a good reputation for ourselves. Not only are we one of the pioneering threading salons in Bay Area, but we have been expanding our chain every other year at a success rate of 100%. You can capitalize on our brand name, wealth of experience, and our unique threading technique by partnering with us! Contact us if you are interested in opening your own M&M Thread Salon INC.